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An open source space simulation roguelike · By Maugrift


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v0.7.1 Released - Final Update for EverSector
It's been about a year and a half since the last actual release, but there was still some content added afterward that didn't make it into a release of its own...
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v0.7 Released + Source Code!
As usual, this release has included more features than anticipated. For this release, that means tileset support! For now, you can choose between three differen...
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v0.6 Released!
It's here! This version has taken longer than expected but has also included more content than expected. Nothing is drastically different, but the game should f...
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v0.5 Released!
EverSector v0.5, the first public version of the game, is released at last! Now with a roguelike interface and audio, EverSector is more playable than ever. Fee...
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Welcome to the EverSector forum! Feel free to post any suggestions, questions, and in-game experiences. Please post bug reports on the Bitbucket issue tracker (no account required). If you'd like to share your opinion of the game, please leave a rating and review. For development news, check out the devlog and my Twitter, or the Trello roadmap for more detail.

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