v0.7 Released + Source Code!

As usual, this release has included more features than anticipated. For this release, that means tileset support! For now, you can choose between three different fonts, each of which have variants with custom tiles. Galaxy, star, and planet generation have been overhauled, along with a multitude of other features you can see below.

The source code has also been released on Bitbucket! Now you can see how the game works, watch as I develop it, and even contribute code of your own. I also have a pipeline configured to generate new builds of the game (you'll see them appear here). For more information, see the Bitbucket README.

The next release will be v0.7.1, which I should be able to finish fairly quickly. It will include tileset customization, surrender in battle, and more name generation. As I mentioned above, you'll have access to development builds every time I add new features to the game. I'd love to hear your feedback on these builds, so feel free to discuss them on the forum, subreddit, or Discord server.


  • The universe is divided into multiple galaxies, each of which are much larger than previous maps
    • Traveling off the edge of a galaxy allows to you travel to a new one
    • The density of stars is greater near the center of each galaxy
    • FOV has been reworked and sector memory has been removed
  • Nebulae
    • Nebulae restrict vision and influence star generation
    • Multiple types, though they currently have no differences other than color
  • Far more star possibilities
    • Star mass and temperature are generated separately
    • Special types of stars
    • High-energy stars now influence planet generation
  • Planet and region generation overhaul
    • Several new planets with different temperature ranges
    • Planets are larger
    • New region types for each planet
    • Certain types of regions (e.g. oceans) cannot be claimed or mined from
    • Heightmap-based terrain generation
  • AI improvements
    • AI will seek out unclaimed territory
    • AI will invade enemy sectors when armed
    • AI will choose randomly between locations of equal distance
  • Tileset support
    • The game now supports single-color tilesets and multiple fonts
    • Three tilesets are provided in 10x10, 12x12, and 16x16, with ASCII equivalents available
    • Fully customizable, with support for user-created tilesets planned
  • You can now name your ships and their captains
  • Failed distress signals now decrease your global reputation to prevent spam
  • Added two new songs to the soundtrack
  • Added a crash log to help with bug reporting


Java JAR 100 MB
Sep 21, 2017
Windows Executable 164 MB
Sep 21, 2017

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