v0.5 Released!

EverSector v0.5, the first public version of the game, is released at last! Now with a roguelike interface and audio, EverSector is more playable than ever. Feel free to download the game and try it out. Post any comments, suggestions, and questions here on the discussion board. Keep in mind, there is much more to come: dynamic faction creation, a construction system, and a truly infinite universe are coming soon! Follow the game's development on its Trello board and share your thoughts. Now go forth, and shape the future of your galaxy!

EDIT: Here's the changelog for this version.


  • Complete UI overhaul!
    • The game is now displayed through AsciiPanel and APWT
    • Buffered display allows for complex windows
    • Input is now entered through single keypresses
    • CP437 characters give better representations of the universe
    • Colors are used to differentiate between factions
    • The game no longer needs launchers
    • Background music and sound effects
  • Minor gameplay changes and balancing
    • Orbiting is now done one orbit at a time
    • Flying around planets can now be done only between neighboring regions
    • Orbit costs lowered
    • Sector entry cost added
    • Seed-based saving and loading now works!
  • Removed some features
    • Debug commands
    • Region exploration
    • Anomalies
    • Faction news (now directly added to the message log)
    • Scanning objects in sectors
    • Automining and max buying/selling (now unnecessary)
    • Most game data stored in files


EverSector (Windows) - Recommended 29 MB
Jun 29, 2017
EverSector (Java) 29 MB
Jun 29, 2017

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