v0.6 Released!

It's here! This version has taken longer than expected but has also included more content than expected. Nothing is drastically different, but the game should feel more polished. This includes the Windows version working without Java! Some things are still missing (such as surrendering in battle and AI personalities), so I may release a v0.6.1 before v0.7.

In the mean time, I'm going to be learning VTerminal by Valkryst, which should allow me to make much better games than AsciiPanel. This will include tilesets, blinking text like Dwarf Fortress, and scaling support (including fullscreen!). VTerminal is also in active development, so it will improve over time, allowing me and others to give feedback, unlike AsciiPanel at this point. EverSector development may delayed for a little while, but you may see some other small projects from me!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy v0.6. Let me know what you think in the comments below, the forums, the Discord server, or the new subreddit!


  • Battles can now occur between several ships
    • Attacking a ship may cause other ships at the same orbit to join on either side
    • Any enemy ship may be fired upon, and all ships can be scanned
    • Winning a battle will distribute the loot among particpants, though not always evenly
    • All ships can flee the battle or pursue those escaping
    • Ships will self-destruct when they can no longer flee
    • Surrendering will be added in a later update
  • Two-dimensional region maps on planets
    • Regions are now laid out on a grid
    • Traveling east or west long enough will take you back to where you began
    • Traveling over a pole will take you to the opposite side of the world
    • Regions are no longer generated with a ruling faction
  • Split station screen into two panels
    • Left panel is used to buy items from stations
    • Right panel is used to sell items
    • Each list is color-coded to show why you can't buy or sell an item
    • Lists change size dynamically based on items you have
  • Overhaul AI
    • The AI is actually slightly worse, but the new framework will allow for significant improvements
    • AI ships can now buy and use more modules
    • AI personalities are planned for an update soon
    • Faction focuses were removed
  • Message improvements
    • Message history is now scrollable
    • Repeated messages are now shown with counters to avoid message spam
  • Other features
    • Destroyed ships now recorded on the leaderboard
    • Reimplemented crash landings
    • Display dimensions and audio volume can now be controlled through the options menu
    • You start in a random station system, rather than the center
    • Removed attack restrictions in the central sector
    • Reputation levels are now relative to other ships in the faction
    • Add a window title and icon to the Java version of the game
  • Quality-of-life improvements
    • Shift+Q now required to trigger the quit prompt
    • The game can now be replayed without relaunching it
  • Bug fixes
    • Earn credits for resources over capacity when selling expanders
    • Windows version now works without Java installed
    • Fixed README images not displaying


Java JAR 31 MB
Aug 07, 2017
Windows Executable 95 MB
Aug 07, 2017

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