• Adds 3 new runes!
    • Runes of Digging can cause wall tiles to collapse, or can create pits for you or enemies to fall through.
    • Runes of Replication morph into other items or enemies, making your inventory even more versatile.
    • Runes of Cancellation cancel out status effects and enchantments.
  • Improves inventory UI.
    • Inventory capacity is shown in the menu header.
    • Equipment is labeled with a tier which can help with quick comparisons.
    • Stacks runes and sorts the inventory to eliminate tedium from trying to find items.
    • The number of enchantments on an item is shown with a +/- modifier.
  • Makes the log more readable.
    • Most good events, including successful attacks against enemies, are displayed in green.
    • Most bad events, including successful enemy attacks against you, are displayed in red.
  • Makes damage vary from the exact stat value by up to 25%, slightly reducing combat predictability.
  • Bug fixes!
    • Stairs now generate in cave levels.
    • Teleportation runes now self-consume upon being thrown.


Windows Executable 23 MB
Aug 11, 2018
Cross-Platform (Requires Python) 1 MB
Aug 11, 2018

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